No matter how much praise you give Porsche's PDK transmission, at the end of the day it's still an automatic. The acronym stands for Porsche Doppelkupplung, or dual-clutch. Essentially two manual transmissions sharing the same space, even and odd-numbered gears have separate input shafts for quick shifting. By having the next gear already engaged, the only action needed to shift is to change which shaft is receiving the engine's power. It can be done almost instantly, which is a far cry from the single clutch automatics that were used from the 90's until now. The main disadvantage to having such a high-performance gearbox is weight and cost of repair. Having two manual transmissions along with hydraulics and computers is seen as overly complex by some enthusiasts.

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Those are the traditionalists who prefer a manual transmission. Nick Murray decided to compare both options in his latest YouTube upload, and his conclusions might surprise you. He compared PDK to a seven-speed manual in the latest Porsche 911 (991.2 series), with ample seat time in both. His previous upload compared the AWD to RWD capabilities of the 911, and we recommend it before you buy. His notions of better fuel economy and being better suited to turbochargers can be made by someone who can't or won't bang shift when needed. No-lift shifting is a lost art, but the rewards are glorious. PDK has a coast mode that disengages both clutches, manuals also have this located under your left foot. The notion of being simply faster is also incorrect, as a properly modified automatic will shift faster than any PDK. Each one has its advantages, so tell us which you would drive in the comments below. Stay with us for more Porsche 911 videos.