Coming up on July 16, 2017, HBO's hit show Game of Thrones will be returning to television. With only seven episodes airing in the season, each Sunday will bring about loads of drama, death and awkward romances between the Great Houses. From the nautical Greyjoys to Norther Starks, each of these Great Houses have major footholds in Game of Thrones universe but are each incredibly different in their own right. Carspring recently took some time to create the cars they think each Great House would drive. Each car was imagined quite well as a heavily modified version of real-life cars. Take House Targaryen's BMW X5, which appears to breathe fire and have a dragon-scale roof. You can view each of the these incredibly imaginative cars below.

"House Arryn’s Fast, Ferocious i8"

This i8 was imagined to embody the white falcon of House Arryn, and is as quiet and sleek as the flying raptor.

BMW i8 For Sale

"House Frey’s Indestructible F-150 Raptor"

House Frey is known for their strength and this monstrous Raptor is undoubtedly a powerhouse.

Ford F-150 Raptor For Sale

"House Greyjoy’s Nautical DS5"

With a flag emblazoned with a squid, House Greyjoy is known for their relation to the sea and this DS5 looks like a top-tier oceanic predator.

"House Lannister’s Golden 3 Series"

House Lannister has mountains of wealth, and the artist that created these cars knows that the car they drive should be as golden as a Lannister's pocket.

BMW 3 Series For Sale

"House Stark’s 3008 Winter Edition"

Coming back in a big way is House Stark, but they'll need a rugged vehicle for the upcoming Winter-- this is it.

"House Tyrell’s Sensible Supermini"

House Tyrell is known for their cunning wit, and this agile little Supermini fits the bill for their car.

"House Targaryen’s Ferocious X5"

Considering that House Targaryen has dragons in their "control," it makes sense that they would drive an SUV that's as ferocious as their flying "allies."

BMW X5 For Sale