Everyone has been waiting to see the new Ferrari 812 Superfast in person, because the new 6.5-liter V12 is the state of the art in naturally aspirated power. As the successor to the wild F12berlinetta, the new car has large shoes to fill. So Ferrari endowed it with 800 metric horsepower which equals around 790 hp on the more commonly used SAE rating. Torque was increased to 530 lb-ft thanks to the bump in displacement, and from not having to spin a power steering pump. Ferrari was hesitant to adopt electric power steering because the first cars to feature it had almost no feedback, so we're anxious to feel how it responds in the corners. The redline has also been raised to 8,500 rpm, an incredible feat for a twelve-cylinder engine.

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&feature=youtu.be A few lucky enthusiasts who happened to be in Monaco were witness to a delivery of the new car, so we put together the hottest clips from YouTube. Precisely timed, or in a grand coincidence Ferrari has also released the 812 Superfast Configurator which offers more details on the interior and exterior options. Everyone loves LED headlights, but some of us lament the loss of the air-bridge from behind the front fenders. Now incorporated into a vented hood, the intakes inboard of the headlights make use of high-pressure turbulence from the front bumper. The only thing we can say about the final video is that revving a cold supercar is a dance with the devil. It makes us cringe to hear such abuse, especially to an engine that has not been broken in. With an astronomical compression ratio of 13.6:1, this car loves to rev. The intake and exhaust ports are all new along with a variable length intake manifold. In the old days, variable intakes were either short or long, but Ferrari's new system resembles an analog control, constantly changing with torque demands. This allows 80% of maximum torque to be available at 3,500 rpm, which is a giant increase from the F12. If any 2018 model year car deserved a manual transmission it would be this one. Sure the dual clutch is capable, but imagine the weight savings and fun factor of a gated six-speed. Stay with us for more updates and footage of the 812 Superfast here on Autofluence.

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