Every time we see a McLaren on the street, we beg for launch control so we can hear the thunder. Only at a race track will you hear the roar of a twin-turbo V8, and it is a soundtrack unlike other exotics. The Industry Pool is a top secret committee with members from all major European manufacturers. An Automotive Engineer doesn't consider a theme park to be much of a vacation, so what better way to keep them entertained? Apparently, this event is off limits for the press, but a lucky YouTube member was camped out last Thursday in hopes of catching the action. Turn up your volume to hear 986 horsepower of McLaren P1 echo through the forest. Thanks to CarspotterJeroen, you can see a rare P1 LM, which is essentially a street-legal P1 GTR built by Lazante Motorsport. Running hard against the clock, a shower of sparks can be seen at 0:26, so here's to losing weight thanks to asphalt interference! McLaren's V8 is based on a Nissan design that never saw production. The exhaust sounds familiar because the firing order is popular in many American performance cars. The Oldsmobile "Rocket" V8 was a dominant force in racing with a firing order of 18736542. Many other V8 enthusiasts have adopted it for smooth running at high rpm. The Olds Rocket was also the world's first turbocharged production V8, but we'll cover that another day. So if you are in the market for a carbon fiber supercar with an old-school rumble, McLaren dealers have several to choose from. Stay with us for more McLaren footage and updates from Nurburgring.