While we all love a good loud car, we've all encountered an instance where exhaust noise has become a disturbance. This could be when you're talking to a friend in the car and a loud motorcycle pulls up, or you're trying to sleep and a neighbor blasts down the road in a de-catted muscle car. For one resident in Monaco, it was a Nissan Silvia that was causing a disturbance, but this hot car is unlike any other of its kind. Related - What Makes the Nissan GT-R Perfect for Aftermarket Tuning Filmed by AdamC3046, this Silvia has a 720 hp LS3 V8 engine underneath its hood, along with NASCAR parts and internals. If you've ever been to a NASCAR race, you know just how loud those race cars can get, and it's pretty similar to what you'll hear in the video below. After some late-night revs from the heavily modified Nissan sports car, a local resident showed up and was visibly upset with the antics. Was the resident right to be upset at the revving or was he just overreacting? Let us know in the comments below.