I write about supercars and luxury cars all day long, so I figured it's about time I give some love to the monsters of vehicles: monster trucks. It's fitting that I cover monster trucks considering how expensive they are and how much power they throw down through their massive wheels. Heck, it was enough power for Lee O'Donnell to complete the world's first front flip in his monster truck called Mad Scientist. Yes, that's right, a massive monster truck has completed an actual front flip. This act of automotive acrobatics was performed at the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. After O'Donnell went back and forth during the freestyle competition, he managed to keep his front end up and took off of a dirt ramp. As his back tires hit the ramp, the truck flipped forward and completed a somersault. The best part? After he completed this front flip, he proceeded to launch the truck into the air and land on the hood as a form of celebration. This may just be one of the most insane stunts a four-wheel vehicle has completed.