Burning out is honestly an incredibly fun act to do, but it can easily go wrong. There are a myriad of bad things that can happen when burning out, whether it be a tire popping, shredded clutch or accidental acceleration. While it's never really suggested that anyone burn out, Engineering Explained has put together a great video on what it takes to burn out in a manual transmission. In this video, the host also goes into why people burn out, aside from the fact that it looks and sounds cool. If you've ever noticed a car burning out at a drag race before they take off, that's not just for show. By spinning the tires and heating them up, they're giving themselves the chance at more traction when it comes to launching. Also, that burn out will get rid of any unwanted crud that's set on those tires. Check out the video below to learn for yourself and always remember to be safe if you plan to burn out!

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