The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione picked up the legacy that the original FXX left behind. Thanks to this model, the life of the FXX program was extended by two years and allowed us to experience more of the amazing Italian race car supercar. The FXX Evoluzione is packed with a monster V12 engine that generates 850 horsepower. All of this naturally aspirated power is routed through an exhaust system that doesn't hold back. What also isn't held back is the car's acceleration, which is capable of a 0-62 mph run in just 2.5 seconds. In its entirety, the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione is undoubtedly one of the rawest and extreme cars that the Italian automaker has ever created. Because the car was built as a track-only vehicle, the only time you'll typically spot one of these is if you're on the sidelines of a track that's hosting one. YouTube channel 19Bozzy92 was recently at the Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, Italy where two FXX Evoluziones were being pushed to their limits. The sounds and sights of these cars ripping through the track is something every car fan should experience. So, while we all can't take time off to travel to Italy, you can still enjoy the video below.

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