Ferrari’s new Italian four-seater brings out the best in performance, sportiness, and elegance. The automaker is hailing the GTC4Lusso as “a major evolution of the sporting Grand Tourer concept.” How is this new model such an evolution? With the addition of rear-wheel steering combined with four-wheel drive. If the GTC4Lusso looks familiar, it’s because it replaces the FF, Ferrari’s previous four-seater model. What also may be familiar is its name, which Ferrari says “references its illustrious predecessors,” including the 330 GTC, 330 GT and 250 GT. And, like the GTC4Lusso’s predecessors, it comes with a V12 engine.
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This time, however, its power is rated at an impressive 680 hp at 8,000 rpm and 514 lb-ft of torque at 5,750 rpm, with 80% of its power at just 1,750 rpm, making for a 0-62 mph time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 208 mph. It’s not too often that you can reach those types of speeds in a four-seater weighing in dry at 3,946 lbs. These figures have also increased over the previous FF model (650 hp and 504 lb-ft). Helping the wheels stay connected to the ground below is Ferrari’s patented 4RM Evo four-wheel drive system, which now has rear-wheel steering for the first time. Ferrari also updated their Slip Slide Control (version 4.0) with an electronic differential (E-Diff) and SCN0E dampers. If you thought the FF could handle snowy and wet roads well, wait until you get behind the wheel of the GTC4Lusso. The GTC4Lusso’s interior houses an array of standard Ferrari luxuries, like fine leather, a 10.25-inch HD touchscreen and what the automaker calls Dual Cockpit architecture.Boasting versatility and elegance, Ferrari’s new four-seater offers extreme performance and sophisticated luxury. [soliloquy id="107822"] PRICE: TBD
ENGINE: 6.3-liter V12
TORQUE: 514 lb-ft
0-62: 3.4 seconds
TOP SPEED: 208 mph
TRANSMISSION: 7-speed dual clutch [soliloquy id="97017"]