Andrew Bagnall has owned for ten years what is possibly one of the most exceptional vehicles ever created. His McLaren F1 HDF- chassis #18- has the extra downforce package that includes extensive aerodynamic modifications and the 680 bhp LM-spec racing engine. This F1 is one of only two examples that are fitted with these packages. However, Bagnall is quick to point out in McLaren Automotive's video showcasing his supercar that this is no museum piece: "We always try and drive it on back roads or somewhere for a brief spin just to open it up a little bit, but normally try and get it down to the race track now and then, because then we can really open it up." Related - "The Professor" Becomes Most Expensive McLaren P1 Ever The first owner of the car had it fitted with the previously mentioned packages. The extra high downforce pack added a massive rear wing, front splitter and louvres on the front clamshell. Additionally, the F1 HDF has larger wheels, different suspension, and the LM-spec engine that revs 1,000 rpm higher than the standard V12. You can hear Bagnall's story by clicking play below.

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