When the Dodge Demon is finally released, it will most likely be regarded as the most insane production automobile that the American automaker has ever created. Unfortunately, we don't have the specifics on what the Demon's power will exactly be, we now know that all of the power translates into one of the most ferocious exhaust sounds I've ever heard. The video uploaded by Dodge is titled "No Pills." In the video, we see the rear of the Demon as it launches at a dragstrip. The raw sound of power coming from the exhaust is more powerful than that of the Hellcat, which is regarded as the best sounding muscle car on the road today by many. If you don't believe me, click play on the video below to hear it for yourself. If you're like me and hit "replay" a few times, don't worry, because you can download an official ringtone of the car.

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