Update: Looks like the video has been made private. I'll update this article if it's reuploaded.   Near Marseille, France is a track called the Circuit Paul Ricard. This track measures in at 19,229 feet long with a massive straight interrupted by an S-curve and a shape that's quite elongated. Recently, a car styling company was out on this circuit in their BMW M3 (E92) when a Ferrari 458 Speciale came zooming past them. Then, all hell broke loose. With 597 hp on tap, thanks to a 4.5-liter V8 engine, the 458 Speciale has some serious power in its wheels. If not kept in check during unfavorable conditions, spinouts can happen. Unfortunately for one driver on the Circuit Paul Ricard, this is exactly what happened. After passing the BMW, which was recording their lap, the black 458 Speciale spun out and hit a wall. There was no word as to the driver's status, but it didn't seem like a life-threatening accident. Albeit, it may have been a Ferrari ending accident. Check the crash out in the video below.

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