Many auto manufacturers, like Porsche, put their latest developed technology into their race cars. This gives them a chance to truly fine tune and get the tech ready for mass production. It's like how a lot of the technology, like the ball point pen, came from space research. In Porsche's latest "Top 5" video, they look at the technologies that were transferred from the racetrack to the street. In the video, Walter Röhrl, a Rallye World Champion, shows us the five technologies. From the 911 GT1 to the 919 Hybrid, there are plenty of little things found in Porsche cars that we take for granted. Take the turbochargers found in Porsche cars, which the German company first used in the 917/10. Now, we have a litany of models in the company's lineup that feature turbochargers, like the GT3 RS. Click play on the video below to see the entire list and get ready for the Top 5 Porsche Milestones next week.

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