If your flagship product is rear wheel drive with a rear mounted engine, you need some serious downforce to keep the rubber on the road. Porsche's massive wind tunnel in Weissach is used to refine the latest models. But for a neat comparison, they brought out a few classics to show how effective a rear spoiler can be. Of course, it wouldn't be a Porsche video without ample technical data so each of the top 5 is shown with its drag coefficient. As the foremost authority on Porsche aerodynamics, Norbert Singer touches on the finer points of each car. First up was a Cayman GT4, whose fixed rear wing measures in a 0.32.
Next up was a rare 959 which integrates the wing into the rear bodywork. It returned a slippery 0.31 on the drag meter.
A blast from the past was the 2.7 RS with a score of 0.40. That might seem uncompetitive in modern terms, but such a wing was needed to offset the rear weight bias. A new Panamera Turbo shows off it's graceful rear wing that rises like a robot from the trunk lid. Last up was the legendary Moby Dick 935. Being as far removed from a production 911 as possible, it still manages a 0.36 in a quest for top speed. No matter what your preference in styling, if you are interested in a Porsche for sale, we are your #1 resource.