There are a few set cars that tuners work with specifically for the drag strip. When it comes to Lamborghinis, the Huracan is the supercar of choice. Gosha Turbo Tech in Abu Dhabi has a Huracan of their own that they've been modifying for faster-than-heck drag strip runs and it was just unleashed on the Yas Marina Drag Strip. Related - The True Difference the Lamborghini Huracan's Launch Control Makes The specifics of what's in this car's engine are unknown, but a pair of turbochargers do peek out from the rear of the car. Altogether, the car has 1,026 hp on tap, which was enough power for a 1/4 mile run of 8.65 seconds @ 161 mph. You can check out this run in the video below (the video is quite long, so if you just want to see this specific run, skip to the end).

Lamborghini Huracan For Sale