If you head over to your local drag strip, odds are you'll see a lot of cars that come nowhere close to the pedigree of a LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder. However, the San Antonio Raceway did see those two hypercars show up for an amateur race that rocked the crowd. Related - Jay Kay's LaFerrari in Mysterious Pure Electric Mode Redditor u/4thAndLong was at the San Antonio Raceway when the race between the two cars took place. He said in a post on r/cars that he was at the event running his 2500 Ram when the cars showed up. He notes that while the video he filmed, found below, wasn't the greatest quality, the Porsche did end up running 10.40 @ 140 mph and that the LaFerrari went a little slower but higher trap. He obviously gave 918 Spyder's edge to its AD setup, giving it the holeshot. Check out multiple videos below to see the runs for yourself and imagine if this happened at your local raceway!

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