As part of Porsche's new "Top 5" series, the German brand has decided to look at the five best sounding vehicles they have every created. It seems as though the criteria for this list included how iconic and ferocious the sound of the cars are. Each of the cars included in the video is quite recognizable in their own rights, ranging from some of the classics to modern masterpieces.

(Five of the Rarest Porsche Factory Models, Ever)

Porsche engines and their exhaust systems have changed a lot over the years and this video does a great job at displaying this. The Porsches of the past didn't have the brutal sounds that they have now. Compare the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 and the Carrera GT, for example. Both of these cars sound completely different in just about every aspect, yet both sound like heaven. Click play on the video below and let me know if you thought there was another Porsche that should've been added to the list in the comments section below. Our publisher, Tom duPont's, favorite sounding Porsche? His own 1961 Super 90 that he's owned for decades.

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