One of the best aspects of owning a luxury car is the added value in all the unseen areas. Jaguar and Land Rover are diligent in providing every conceivable convenience in their automobiles, and their latest effort is probably a foreshadowing of how we will purchase fuel in the future. To be released on an update to the InControl software, examples of the XE, XF and F-Pace integrate PayPal or Apple Pay into the communication system. Working with Shell, payment for a pit stop will be conducted on the car's touchscreen, allowing for a quick "gas 'n go." After the initial release, it will be offered across the Jaguar and Land Rover lineups, with payment for parking lots and drive-thru coming in the near future. The press release was aimed at English motorists, because we have some slightly silly laws about fuel payment.
If you have ever had your debit card skimmed by a sleazy station you might like the idea. But if you can't fathom the idea of your car generating high-frequency communications around volatile fuels, we understand. Either way, it is a clear example of forward-thinking to allow fuels to rush in where angels fear to tread. Ok, that was our only poetic reference today so take a look at how the system works in the video below and stay with us for all your updates from Jaguar-Land Rover.

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