It must be fun to send tire engineers back to the drawing board. Educated rubber specialists meet their match at Hennessey's Lonestar Motorsports Park. The quarter-mile drag strip has transformed countless tons of expensive radials into smoke. In the most potent example to date, Mr. Hennnessey takes us for a ride in a new HPE1000 Corvette Z06. In order to break the 1,000 hp barrier, the 6.2 liter V8 is bored and stroked to 6.8 liters, or 416 cubic inches. No replacement for displacement, the extra volume makes use of more boost from a new supercharger. Every other moving part is part of the secret recipe for performance. Without getting too technical, the cam shaft sounds like it has significant overlap. Keeping the intake and exhaust valve events closer together promotes incredible mid range torque and a screaming top end.

(This is the Final Hennessey Venom GT, Ever)

With all of the modifications in place, the engine is rated at 1,008 hp and 823 lb-ft of torque. The beauty of this package is that it is available on the seven speed manual or the eight speed automatic transmission. Because power of this level normally requires a full race tire, our test ride was a casual roll into the throttle. Since he knows a thing or two about traction, allow the master to explain the finer points of street legal acceleration. Of course it would not be possible without a potent starting point, so browse our listings for a new Z06 and get ready for the ride of your life.

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