If there is one place I want to visit before I die, it would have to be the secret Porsche warehouse that is home to the rarest models ever created. As part of Porsche's new "Top 5" series, they delved into the five rarest factory models.

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Dieter Landenberger presents the five rare Porsche in this new video. Who is he? How about the Manager of Historical Archives for Porsche. That's right, his job is to look over the cars that we dream about. Yes, he is one lucky guy. In the video, the cars include the 911 Turbo S (964), 924 Carrera GTS, 911 GT1, 911 SC/RS and 356 America Roadster. Click play below to see these cars for yourself, because this is one special video. Keep 'em comin' Porsche!

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