Almost every car has an engine powering it, no matter if it's a sports car or a van. Whether the engine is found in the front or in the rear, it runs almost similarly to every other engine on the planet. But, do we all know how these engines work? Well, we all might know HOW they work, but have we ever SEEN how they work? I'm not talking about watching it vibrate under the hood, I'm talking about seeing the combustion itself.

(A Mid Engine Corvette May Be Coming)

YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay, one of my favorite channels, recently traveled to a shop that specializes in taking apart one-cylinder Briggs & Stratton gas engines and converting them into various other things. For this video, they showed off an engine that allows you to see into the engine as it's being fired. In the video, you'll learn how a four-stroke engine works and get to see the explosions in the engine (sounds like a band name...). Check it out in the video below!