Do you ever read a video title and instantly know the comments will be epic? Hennessey Performance is able to be first on the web with many late model comparisons because customers who want to be the fastest send their rides straight to Sealy, Texas. The most potent pony cars from Dodge and Chevrolet are the Hellcat and ZL1. Both have supercharged 6.2 liter V8 engines, rated at 707 hp and 650 hp respectively. Dodge lists the curb weight of the Challenger Hellcat at 4,448 lbs against a 3,883 lb Camaro.

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To see how they would fare in a real world situation, Mr. Hennessey and his employee staged a series of roll races at Lonestar Motorsports Park. The Camaro has a weight advantage and a six-speed manual transmission. A new 10 speed automatic is available for the ZL1, and it was developed with Ford to meet tougher emissions laws. Hellcats also offer the same Tremec manual, but this eight-speed automatic is no slouch. Stick shift is fun, but manufacturers are building traditional automatics that can shift in 300 milliseconds. Another factor is break-in. I know for a fact the Tremec TR-6060 is capable of power shifting when needed, but young synchros should not be abused. Tell us who would win if transmissions were equal, and stay with us to see what these cars put down when completed.

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