In order to build a better Bugatti, the Chiron has significant improvements over its predecessor. We didn't know the redesign was so intense, but Drivetribe was able to interview Bugatti's Chief Test Driver Loris Bicocchi, who touched on the finer details. A secret to making 1,479 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque is in the sequential pairing of the four turbos. Two operate at low speeds and larger ones are engaged at higher RPM. To cope with the increased performance, the carbon fiber body was reinforced. The AWD system was tuned with more emphasis on the rear axles. While it is constantly vectoring torque for great cornering, the front is limited to 30% of maximum power. Drift mode enabled!

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The real treat of this interview was a chance to film the master behind the wheel. Loris has worked for Lamborghini and Pagani, so he knows a thing or two about scaring passengers. Production of the Chiron has been limited so far, probably due to the complexity of the design. But once our dealers begin to receive their allocations, maybe the Veyron will be in your price range. Stay with us for more Bugatti news.

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