Many manufacturers are focused on the future in order to keep the public on the edge of their seats. But BMW doesn't move forward without considering the successes of the past. It's hard to comprehend how much the 2003-2009 (internally known as E60) generation of the 5 Series changed the world, and its design is nothing short of timeless. No matter what part of the automotive hobby you enjoy, everyone knows someone who has owned an E60. As a logical choice for E46 fans who need more space, the E60 was built in Sedan and Wagon (Touring). The flagship model was the M5, and it was powered by a 500 hp naturally aspirated V10 ax murderer. Worthy of a history lesson on its own, we will cover it another day.

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In searching for the perfect E60, you have two primary options to consider. Do you like your power in the form of a twin turbocharged 3.0 liter straight six, or from a 4.8 liter V8? Back when most people could still drive stick, a six-speed manual was offered on both the 535 and the 550. Relatively light by contemporary standards, the E60 is a blast to drive. Well optioned examples can be found for a bargain, which is one of the reasons why the aftermarket has embraced them. Many 535 owners have discovered the potential of E85 fuel and are making over 400 hp at the wheels. No less than 25 engine options were produced to meet regulations around the world. If you need a new daily driver, the 5 Series is a safe & smart choice. Our dealers have plenty to choose from, so enjoy the film and take a look at the listings below.

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