Looking to get yourself or someone you know a long-lasting gift? Why not get them something that will not only last, but also be functional and stylish. ZCLIPs are the ultimate money clips, with each being able to keep your most precious pieces of paper and plastic safe for longer than any other clip or wallet you've ever owned before. What's more, they're so incredibly light, thanks to the carbon fiber construction, that they won't come close to adding any unwanted weight to your pockets. If you're in need of an even more special gift for yourself or others, ZCLIP now allows customers to customize their clips and make them more personal and unique. In their customization section, you can select your own monogram, text or logo that will be featured on your ZCLIP. In fact, at duPont REGISTRY we have our own ZCLIPs that are branded with our company logo and we constantly get compliments on them. Custom ZCLIPs are the perfect gift for anyone and, thanks to their customization capabilities, you can make them more personal than ever before.

Customize a ZCLIP

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