You wanted proof and we have found it. The LaFerrari is capable of cruising around without awakening the V12 engine. McLaren and Porsche are clear to state their hybrid hypercars have EV mode, but Maranello has been mum on the subject. Officially the 163 hp electric motor is not programmed to operate independently, but many enthusiasts believe dealers have updated the software for certain owners. Musician Jay Kay has obtained the cheat code for electric mode as it was spotted by TheTTFJ being loaded at Joe Macari Performance Cars. McLaren's P1 has an electric range of 19 miles and the Porsche 918 is rated at 18 miles. The primary motor/generator is connected to one of the main shafts of the seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, and the smaller secondary unit is on the front of the engine in line with the accessory drive. We're not sure how far the lithium-ion batteries could take you, so if anyone would like to loan me their LaFerrari, I will bring it back with a full tank of Florida's finest ethanol diluted 87 octane. If you find yourself near London, Joe Macari has an inventory that will take your breath away.

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