The difference between Ferrari and Porsche reaches far beyond just styling. From their heritage to their powerhouses, the two automakers are vastly different. But, this didn't stop Fifth Gear from seeing if the Porsche 911 GT3 could outperform the Ferrari 458 Speciale. First off, a newer 911 GT3 will sell for around $150,000, while the 458 Speciale will fetch around $410,000. This means that you'd have to spend almost twice as much as the Porsche in order to afford the Ferrari. However, does this difference in price result in a difference in performance?

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Fifth Gear's Tiff Needell was behind the wheel of the Italian while Chris Harris was driving the German. They tested each car's agility by driving them through an obstacle course and then seeing which car could stop the quickest. Click play below to see which car wins the battle.

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