Whenever talk about an expensive car comes up, the Ferrari 250 GTO is always mentioned. This is probably because in 2014 one example was sold for $38 million. Yeah, that's way more than any new car you can buy now.

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Now, reports are saying that a specific 350 GTO for sale by Talacrest in Berkshire, England has a price tag of $56.4 million. If so, this would make it the most expensive car ever sold, by far.
According to the car's descriptions, this specific example is chassis #3387 and was the second 250 GTO ever made. It came to life on March 16, 1962 and immediately went to testing for racing with Scuderia Corsa. Shortly after, it was delivered to Luigi Chinetti Motors where it became the first 250 GTO to ever race. Chassis #3387 would go on to finish second place overall and first in its class at the 1962 Sebring 12 Hours.
Since its historic debut, the car has been cherished and raced by many other, continuing the car's motorsport legacy. And, for the past 19 years, the car has been owned by Bernie Carl. Carl has raced, toured and shown the car, giving it the limelight it deserves. And now, the car is coming out of long-term ownership to become someone's new prized possession. To learn more and see more pics, be sure to click the button below.

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