Cars aren't supposed to fly, right? Well, somebody needs to tell this Alepa C7 Corvette that fact because it just can't stopping going for the air when it rockets down a runway. Alright, so this Corvette isn't literally taking flight, but notes that until this car, they've never seen "a car that consistently goes airborne while not only remaining competitive but qualifying near the top.

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The reason this car can take off like it does is because of its massive power output. Powering the car is a 548 cubic-inch Pro Line HEMI with two 102-mm turbos attached. This entire setup is good for 3,500 horsepower being sent straight to the rear wheels, hence the wheelies. With this power, it was able to run 1/8-mile passes at around 3.8 seconds at well over 200 mph. Check out the video below to see the monster C7 for yourself.

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