Just about everyone in the United States has a phone and a car, so it makes sense that everyone has apps that combine the two. Thankfully, the iTunes app store is full of apps that fill this role. Whether you need to pick up gas or want to know the fastest way from point A to point B without interruptions, the five car apps below will help you out. For this article, we're looking at apps for Apple devices, but don't worry Android users (me included), I'll be gathering those up soon. If you're in need of an iPhone, click the button below to see prices and maybe even pick one up for yourself.

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The vast majority of cars on the road today are powered by good 'ol fossil fuels. Unfortunately, you can drill a hole in the ground and syphon up some oil and gas, forcing us all to rely on gas stations. Even more unfortunate is every driver who is frantically searching for a gas station when their car runs out of fuel. For those people, I suggest downloading GasBuddy. This app from GasBuddy Organization Inc will find the gas station closest to your location and will even list the gas price at said gas station.

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Did you think I'd forget about my electric car driving friends? No way. For those driving on electricity, I present you with PlugShare. This app provides users with a public charging map that includes over 90.000 public stations in the U.S. and Europe. Users can also view real-time availability, see reviews on each station, pay for charging and much more. If I were driving an EV, I would most definitely have this on the front page of my phone.

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With the power of its users, Waze allows drivers to see what's happening on the road ahead of them. Whether its traffic, police, hazards or accidents, users can report it all to make everyone's commute more enjoyable. Getting crowd-sourced information like this may seem like pulling teeth, but Waze rewards users with points that can earn them a top spot on their community scoreboard. Also, you can chat with other users on the road and even add friends.

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Driving on the road can be dangerous, no matter your location. For me, I drive in Pinellas County Florida everyday, one of the densest populated counties in America. With all of these people on the road, accidents are frequent and that's why I personally use a PapaGo dashcam (full disclosure, this dashcam was given to me by the company). For those who don't want to drop money on a dashcam, you can drop just $1.99 on Carcorder, which will video record all of your trips like a dashcam would. It's a pretty great app to have when travelling and can save your butt.

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Here's a neat one that everyone should at least learn more on. iOnDrive, an award-winning app, "uses your camera and sensor to detect vehicles in front of the host vehicle, alerting when in danger." The features within this app include collision warning, tailgating alert, off-road warning, speed sign detection, car locator, driving analytics and much more. That's a lot of features for only $0.99.

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