If you live in or around the country of Germany and like to drive cars fast, you surely frequent the Autobahn and the magnificent stretch of road known as Nürburgring. Located in Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Nürburgring has a combined circuit length of 16.123 miles. All of these miles are filled with winding corners that are separated by stretches of straights that give drivers a chance to take in the scenery. But, don't take your eyes away from the road ahead of you because the Ring's corners can hop up on your quite fast.

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In a new YouTube video from EMS Nordschleife TV, we see what looks like a Porsche 964 coming into a corner at all the wrong angles. I'm not exactly sure what happened, it could be that the driver was trying to drift into the corner, downshifted to far or who knows. All we can see is that the rear-end on the German sports car gets out and steers it towards the guard rail. It looks like the front bumper did scrape the rail, but the Porsche did escape what could have been a nasty accident that resulted in extensive damage. Check it out below!

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