When you've got a lot of money and love your significant other, you tend to buy them a lot of nice things. As for LeBron James, a man who has a lot of money and loves his wife, Savannah Brinson, he had to get her something very special for her 30th birthday.

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At her surprise birthday party, King James shocked Savannah by presenting her with a stunning Ferrari Testarossa finished in white. The classic Italian comes as a gift for her 30th birthday.
 In one of his Instagram posts showing her posing with the car has in the description: "Took me a long time to find your masterpiece but I wouldn't stop until I did and now I can't wait to watch u cruise off into the sunset on the PCH." So it seems as though she had her mind on a car like the Testarossa and the King is all about making sure his Queen is happy.

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