When the Porsche 959 was created, it was the first supercar the automaker had ever created. Porsche created this new model because the FIA required Porsche to create 200 road-going version of their 959 Prototype in order to homologate their efforts in Group B Rally. Technologically speaking, the 959 introduced many firsts, including ABS, adjustable ride height, adjustable suspension dampening, variable turbine geometry turbos, the use of Carbon Kevlar and other composites during construction and even lightweight hollow wheels.
Unfortunately, the 959 proved to be a difficult car to import into the United States, as it did not conform with the regulations set in place by DOT and EPA. It wasn't until the Show and Display Law was passed in 1999 that the car could be successfully imported. One of the major backers of this law was Bill Gates, who actually had a 959 waiting to be imported.
This example is a 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort, and is the 36th of the 292 production cars. Finished in Guards Red, this car has a triple grey interior, heated and electrically adjustable sport seats, alarm system and Bridgestone Tires. The only feature that sets this car apart from the original specification is the McIntosh sound system.
Included with this car is the owner’s manual, workshop manual, multiplier wrench, jack, hazard triangle, tire compressor, tire pressure gauge, tools, white leather gloves, belts, towel, the appropriate leather pouches to match, a well-documented ownership history as well as U.S. and U.K. Porsche Certificates of Authenticity. One of the caretakers of this car happens to be Tom Hartley Jr., a well-known automobile purveyor who resides in Derbyshire, England. The services he put into the car were performed at Porsche Cars Reading, UK and made the car an up-to-date turnkey example. His services were just some included in the $30,000 worth of invoices found in the comprehensive records. If you want to see the car for yourself or are interested in adding Porsche's original supercar to your collection, check out Mecum's Monterey auction, starting August 18. This 959 will be featured as lot S127.

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