In 2004, Porsche dropped a bombshell known as the Carrera GT. To the world, this new supercar was a display of the extremes Porsche could go to. To German automaker, the Carrera GT was a prototype that they couldn't shelve.
The Carrera GT for sale started off as a Le Mans prototype car with the designation of "9R3." It carried a 5.7-liter V10 engine that could produce 605 horsepower. For the early 2000's, this amount of power was incredible. Porsche planned on using the car in the 2000 Le Mans season, but due to the engineering team being pulled towards development of the Cayenne, Porsche abandoned the racing program for 9R3. But seeing the potential for the car, the automaker decided to just homologate the project as a production car: the Carrera GT.
Introduced in 2004, as stated before, the German supercar took the world by storm. One of the first aspects noticed about the car was that it was made for the driver and the driver alone. Its racing heritage showed in the absence of electronic stability control and the need for constant attention. The Carrera GT is regarded as one of the most difficult cars to drive, this is because engineers wanted the car to be a pure driving experience. There is not automatic transmission; no electronic assists; no safety net. It's just the driver, the car and the road.
This example, being offered by Mecum at their Monterey auction as Lot S74, has only 152 original miles. With such low mileage, this may be one o the closest-to-new examples of the German supercar available. It comes with a Basalt Black finish and a Dark Grey interior, giving the car a fitting sinister appeal. If you're interested in owning one of just 604 Carrera GT's imported into the U.S., and one that is nearly new, be sure to check out Mecum's showcase during Monterey Car Week starting August 18.

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