If you think Bentley's first SUV, the Bentayga, is just a warmed over Porsche, you are incredibly mistaken. The battle for British luxury has been taken to a new level with the Bentayga packing a 6.0-liter twin turbo W12 along with all wheel drive. Because it took them a bit longer than expected to reach production, Land Rover had ample time to stuff their supercharged V8 from the SVR into the long wheelbase Range Rover.

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An inevitable comparison between these two super SUVs was bound to happen, so Auto Express jumped at the opportunity to line them up. At the starting line is a combined 1,103 horsepower sent to eight expensive tires. Each makes power in a different way, so let's dig into the details. Bentley uses a W12 engine, built upon the venerable VR6 architecture that can be found in the Bugatti Chiron. Launching in all wheel drive levels the playing field, but the results speak for themselves. The Bentayga is 6.0 liters with twin turbos and the Range is 5.0 liters with a blower. Sometimes clever engineering can overcome a deficit in displacement, so tell us who should have won in the comments below.

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