When driving around exotic cars, you always run the risk of being involved in a very expensive accident. Whether you're on the road with them or in a parking lot, it always pays to look twice and be more cautious than normal. Unfortunately, a driver of a Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster at a car show in Great Falls, Virginia ended up on top of a Ferrari 458 Speciale. We're not exactly sure what happened, but it looks like the driver of the Mercedes was backing into a spot by way of parallel parking. And then, some way or another, too much gas was given and then back end of the German classic made its way on top of the Italian supercar. Honestly, I feel bad for both parties in this situation. The driver of the Mercedes made a mistake that anyone could make, while the owner of the Ferrari now has to deal with a repair.

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In the video below, by Maryland & Virginia Cars, we see the aftermath of the accident. Upon seeing what had happened to his car, the owner of the Ferrari was more than displeased (NSFW language), while the driver of the Mercedes was visibly shaking. At least we can be thankful that nobody was hurt during the accident. While the damage done to the 458 Speciale does not look extensive, there will surely be an expensive repair bill coming. Let this serve as a reminder to always keep an extra eye out when driving around expensive cars and be as cautious as possible.

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