When buying an exotic car, popular guidance advises one should consider research into the previous owners and service records. But unless your name is Howard Cosell, we would advise against antagonizing the owner of this 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT. George Foreman's boxing record speaks for itself, and his entrepreneurial efforts have made him a wealthy man. [soliloquy id="106472"] At 67 years old he is still probably capable of taking on opponents half his age, but we can't think of another car from 1997 that could square off against the Diablo VT. Viscous Traction was the name of Lamborghini's all-wheel drive system, and it automatically engages the front wheels if/when the rears spin. The 5.7L V12 makes 485 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque, and the Roadster weighs in at 3,583 lbs. At 6'3" tall, Big George needs a convertible. The carbon fiber roof panel stores neatly on the rear deck lid and is finished in the factory original Smalto Rosso paint. You won't be grilled by maintenance costs, as a recent engine-out service included a new clutch and a leak down test. The Diablo VT is currently riding on new tires, but the originals are also included. Mr. Foreman only put 1,907 miles on the car, so this is your chance at a new Diablo VT. Boxing aficionados will love the included extras like a framed picture and ticket stub from the Rumble in the Jungle. The latest model of his Lean Mean Grilling machine is autographed, along with a pair of boxing gloves. Copies of the original registration and title are included with all service records. If you need more heavyweights in your collection, lot S119 will be up for auction at Mecum's Monterey auction. For more photos and information, please click here.

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