The world of Vanderhall is changing and for the better. In 2016 Vanderhall released its flagship model, the Laguna. The Laguna turns heads and fills onlookers with awe whenever in transit. In the latter part of 2016, Vanderhall has partnered with five premium dealers around the nation, and the network continues to expand. Dealers interested in joining Vanderhall’s Network can apply at Expansion is looking toward all fifty states with larger populated areas slated for multiple dealerships. For 2017, Vanderhall has improved the Laguna in multiple ways: The original trailing arm has been updated to decrease weight and has greater aesthetic appeal.
The rear caliper has been upgraded for performance and better reliability.
The 2017 exhaust has been updated with a beautiful polished finish.
The push-rod suspension assembly has been updated with a new bell-crank design, increasing performance and reliability, as well as greater aesthetic appeal.
The rear placard has been updated with an integrated brake light, increasing safety and is more aesthetically pleasing.
Aside from the updates to the Laguna, Vanderhall eagerly awaits the unveiling of our new model, the Venice - an autocycle with a vintage, cafe-racer flare, mixed with modern lines and raw chassis exposure. Come join us for the debut in Long Beach, CA for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show on November 18th-20th. Visit for updates as we draw nearer to that date.

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