In a perfect world, all cars would be V8 engines with over 600 horsepower. For fourteen years Christian von Koenigsegg is trying to build that world one car at a time. In what has to be the largest gathering of his cars we have seen, the highlights of Koenigsegg's 2016 Owners Tour were uploaded earlier this morning. Like a proud father calling his children home, over 10 percent of their production models gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark. In what has to be one of the most scenic rallies ever created, they drove north for a tour of southwestern Sweden before returning to Denmark.

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Take a second to comprehend how much power was combined here. The CCX was the first model for world production and it even on a bad day it ovvers 795 hp. Each successive model has raised the bar in terms of light weight construction and incredible power levels. Nascar fans should probably stop reading here, because the One:1 is capable of shaming even the most powerful Sprint Cup car. We hope they upload more footage of this event, as they are the state of the art in supercars. Stay with us for more Koenigsegg news.

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