Whenever my significant other asks me what my dream car is, I always reply with "a rally car." Why? For starters, I was raised in the desert where dirt roads were the only roads and driving on them could be either treacherous or exciting. Unfortunately, I currently live in a part of Florida where dirt roads are nowhere to be found and a drive to the central area of the state is necessary for some dirt driving. But even still, I want a rally car I can take sideways around corners, drive through nature and just beat to hell. For me, the ideal car was a Subaru, but after watching /DRIVE's latest video, my opinion might've changed. Race car driver Leh Keen is like me and loves the thought of driving through nature and getting in on some predictable oversteer. Naturally, he bought a 1981 Porsche 911 SC and installed long travel shocks, upgraded torsion bars, a skid plate, fog lights and, of course, mud flaps. The result is what he calls Project Keen, a rally-ready Porsche 911 that surprised /DRIVE's Matt Farah beyond belief.

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In the video below, Farah takes the car throw the forests of North Carolina, enjoying every bit of the car's predictable oversteer. After watching the video and listening to Farah's thoughts on the car, I may be leaning towards having a 911 as my dream rally car. Although, he does note in the video that this was no cheap project, costing around $35,000-$40,000 (not including the price of the classic 911, which can cost around $30,000). Be sure to click play on the video below to see why Matt Farah freaked over one of his favorite Porsche 911s.

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