Lamborghini Palm Beach was under a hurricane warning last week as hurricane Matthew aimed its sights on the state of Florida. Having such an expensive inventory, they knew they had to protect their investments from potential damage that the storm could cause. So, they had to carefully pack up their exotic cars inside where they would be safe. The only problem is that they had almost 50 cars that needed to be brought inside.

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Our friend Nue Vue was at the dealership when the packing commenced and he thankfully recorded it all on film. He told me there were 38 Lamborghinis that needed to be brought in, as well as 11 other exotic cars. If you watch the video below, you'll see just how careful they had to be when bringing the cars in. Heck, some cars are parked almost less than an inch away from each other. One wrong move and you've got yourself a costly repair.
Check out the video below and give some props to the guys driving these cars.

Lamborghini Palm Beach Inventory