If you've ever been to a drag racing event, odds are there was a Nissan GT-R there. Since it was released, people have been modifying the GT-R to become gods of the strip through various modifications. As for the Mustang GT500, it's not held in the same regard but it can still haul booty, especially when modifications are introduced.

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This is why the drag race seen below is very interesting. In the video we see a GT500 take on a GT-R on a public road. Before I go any further I'll say that we don't condone these actions and street racing is an illegal action. Always follow your local safety laws and drive safe. Now that that's been said, let's get into it. The GT500 is noted as having 730 whp on tap thanks to a new upper, throttle body, exhaust, but it's running on pump gas. As for the GT-R, it only has unspecified bolt-on mods and is also running on pump gas-- its horsepower is unspecified as well. So who will win the race? Click play to find out.