To say that Aston Martin's Vulcan can spin its tires is an understatement. In the best footage of the supercar we have seen so far, the Vulcan was fitted with racing rubber to attack the Goodwood hill climb. Uploaded earlier today by Marchettino, the 7.0L V12 sounds like nothing else on earth. Since the Vulcan was never intended to be street legal, the engine and exhaust are unencumbered by noise or emissions regulations.

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Every time we watch a new Vulcan video we find something else to love about the car. Vulcan's composites are crafted by Multimatic, the same wizards responsible for the new Ford GT. Not only are the intakes, heat extractors, and cam covers made of the wonder material; but every component is mirror imaged down the center of the body. Also, this is the best view of the taillights in action, and its as close as most of us will ever be. The 800hp supercar spins completely through 1st and chirps 2nd gear for Queen and Country. The exhaust audio is just as stunning as the visual, so turn up the volume and watch the tires become part of the atmosphere.

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