If you rarely drive your vintage supercar, chances are your tires are long past their useful life. Several high-profile accidents involving the Carrera GT have caused many to point the blame at driver error or a flawed design, but a few have noted that most weekend cruisers are rolling on expired rubber. So we salute one bold owner who used all of 605 hp to overwhelm the 335/30/20 rear tires. Doughnuts are easy in an automatic car, but the CGT has a very light flywheel for crisp shifting. Another aspect is the price of replacing every moving part.

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At time of publishing, a single Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut retails for $0.99. In comparison, the cheapest rear tire for the Carrera GT is $349.70. A single rear brake rotor is $2,370. A new clutch kit usually runs $13,000, not including the $3,000 throwout bearing. Not omitting the $400 rear brake pads, the potential wear incurred by this demonstration could add up to almost $22,000. Because Porsche over-engineers all of these components, many low mileage cars are still running their original parts. This is why you should own one. Not because it allows you to perform such antics, but because it will keep doing it reliably until you give up.

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