Somewhere in Japan, Toyota engineers have cause for celebration. Someone is finally driving the Lexus LFA in a proper manner. To us, that means gratuitous tire smoke and well-executed burnouts. Six years has passed since the last car was assembled, which means these supercars are almost middle aged. Only 500 examples were produced, and most have been hidden from the world until something better comes along.

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It will be a few years at least before anything will surpass the technology and power of the LFA. As a college job I worked nights at Lexus of Winter Park, and we heard rumblings of something in development that would shake the world. The car took longer to develop than the F-35 fighter, and what resulted was perfection. Our friends at Naples Motorsports allowed me to drive one that was purchased new by a blonde celebrity hotel heiress. Naturally, I had it valeted at the Marriott. Seeing one in public is becoming a rare occurrence, which is why many were left speechless at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Uploaded last night by TheTFJJ, we see a lucky owner who is not afraid of warping an irreplaceable set of rear brakes. The 4.8L V10 can jump from idle to 9,000 rpm faster than any other production engine, which makes shifting over 5,000 a very rewarding experience on the street. Goodwood is a tight course filled with the rarest cars on earth, so this might not have been responsible, but it sure looks like fun!

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