Fans of the Toyota Supra, like me, have been waiting for the day that the iconic model would go back into production. Well, we're almost at that point in time where we'll see a new Supra, but it seems as though many aren't too pleased when they hear the exhaust of the new car. In a video from YouTube channel cvdzijden we hear the 2018 Supra being pushed pretty hard on a Nurburgring corner. Not too long ago we were presented with a short video of the car pulling our from a building, but this is one of the first times we actually get to see the Supra being driven hard. So, I have to ask the question: what do you guys think of the new 2018 Supra sound? In my opinion, I expected a little bit more 'umph' out of the exhaust. However, it seems as though we're getting more hybrid out of the powertrain than most would've liked. [arve url=""]