Drag racing and all-wheel drive seem like a match made in heaven. Launching a rear wheel drive car is tricky for anything over 400 horsepower. So when three of the world's fastest cars show up at Palm Beach International Raceway, the local 1/4 mile heroes were probably a little jealous. Drag Times has a flair for unlikely comparisons, so first up was a new Tesla Model S P100D against a Lamborghini Huracan. When fully charged the Tesla offers 760 hp from two electric motors. It arrived with 82% and lined up against the Italian. The Huracan is rated at 602 hp and has the latest in active center differentials. Up next was a modified Nissan GT-R with cat-less mid pipes and a tune. Lining up against a GT-R is always a white knuckle experience because you never know what is under the hood. Basic upgrades unlock incredible power, so how does Godzilla compare with a Tesla that needs a recharge? Looking at the time slips, you can see the obvious advantages of Tesla's instant power. The Model S P100D is rated by the manufacturer to reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. We are approaching the limits of what tires are capable of with times like this. Nissan prefers to keep their differential gears on the conservative side, and you can see this as acceleration on the top end. Being able to reel in a competitor in the last few feet is the best way to win, but what would happen against a battery at 100%? If you would like to meet us at the drag strip with your Tesla on a trailer, we will be happy to find out. In the meantime be sure to check out more heads up action from DragTimes.

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