In the same woods that saw the defeat of Napoleon and Hitler's armies, Dragtimes has built a world-class racing facility near Moscow. Since it is probably the best drag strip in Europe, it attracts some of the best heads up racing we have seen. First is a modified Huracan owned by Andrey A. Tuned by Morendi, it's rated at 800 hp and starts with a bye run.

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His opponent is Dmitry in a 650 hp Porsche Turbo S with modifications by Altechno, another Russian aftermarket shop. Both cars are all-wheel drive, so in theory this should be a close race. Russia currently claims 1/8th of our planet's inhabitable land, so their races don't stop at 1,320 feet. Racing to the half-mile, aerodynamics and engine size are the main variables above 200 mph.

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Who do you think should have won? Tell us in the comments below, and come back for more wild 1/2 mile action.

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