In China, Tianmen Mountain is home of one of the most dangerous roadways. The 6.8 mile drive sits at a crazy elevation, and is home to 99 turns, most of which require the driver to complete a 180-degree turn to get through. The winding roadway is definitely not for the faint of heart or the novice driver. In the video below Italian race car driver, Fabio Barone Mihaela, takes on the daunting task of racing from the top of the mountain to the bottom where a crowd awaits in a Ferrari 458.

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Zipping through the turns and gunning it on the straightaways, Mihaela makes the drive look near effortless. He braved hairpin turns (30 of them) and edge of the mountain turns like the pro he is, and he made it to the end of the course in 10 minutes and 31 seconds. Thanks to some modifications made to his vehicle, Mihaela was able to achieve greater speeds than he would have normally. Check out the video below for the full effect.

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