Written by Tanner Mashburn Having the opportunity to photograph a collection of the best Ferraris in the world is definitely something that doesn’t come around very often. The Ferrari Enzo, F50, F40 and 288 GTO are rare enough to see on their own but all in one place is almost unthinkable. Although I would have loved to spend an entire weekend with these amazing cars the deadline was very soon so these, along with other rare Ferraris in the collection, had my full attention for one day only. They were all to have full inventory photos taken for Velocity Motorcars. These photos would then be used for advertising purposes and featured in the October Issue of duPont Registry.

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Walking into the building where this collection was kept left my jaw on the floor. They were all lined up perfectly and were as clean as the day they came from the factory. I found a corner of the storage space that was best for these cars to be photographed. The white wall was simple but combined with the red paint of each Ferrari made for a perfect photo. Even better, the glass opening in the ceiling provided natural light from the sun that shined down on each car throughout the day.
The process to photograph these cars was very simple yet incredibly time-consuming. In total it took about nine hours to photograph the cars. I am sure the process could have gone much quicker, but it was impossible not to slow down and admire the little details. After the inventory photos were done we took the four main cars to a nearby location for some night photos. Driving an F50 to the location and an Enzo back when we were done is definitely a check off the bucket list!
Once at the location, we lined the four cars up for a group photo. Once that was complete individual photos of the F50 and Enzo were taken. All of the photos used no major lighting equipment, just a handheld light and a long exposure from the camera. Almost everything in the final product was straight from the camera with very little editing. In the end, I was very pleased with how the photos came out. The inventory photos captured an overall view of every car that I hope results in a quick sell and the group photos were a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Seeing the Enzo photo on the cover of the October duPont Registry was definitely a dream come true for me.

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